7HILLS10 Beşiktaş

7HILLS11 Maçka
12 February 2018

Turkey’s first 5 functions “mixed use” project and the new attraction center of Istanbul  features a performing arts center, a hotel, office spaces, a shopping mall and residences. We also aim to bestow a “new city square” to Istanbul through this project.

Project was inspired both by symbolic squares of Istanbul from the past to the present and many other well-known squares in different cities of the world. With its modern architectural understanding, it will serve as a bridge at the crossroads of Asian and European continents. Here will become an ‘international attraction center’ with the best view of Bosporus and its 120.000 sqm land of recreational facilities, gardens and 72.000 sqm green areas.

Project will be a dream come true which will hopefully become a timeless project recognized globally even after a century. We are also proud to make a significant contribution to our country’s economy by providing employment to four thousand people in the construction process.

At A Glance Land Area                             : 102.000 sqm

Total Construction Area                           : 615,885 sqm

Recreational Areas and Gardens                    : 120.000 sqm

An Experience in the Heart of Life and City Facing the Bosphorus within the Green

The Residences at Project brings Istanbul’s most distinguished families an exciting new lifestyle option with breath-taking views of the Bosphorus in units ranging in size from 117 square meters to a palatial 735 square meters starting from 1+1 units to 5.5+1 units.

Project adds value to your lifestyle in a whole new way with four outdoor and indoor pools and a 1,600 square meter fitness center, all for use exclusively by Residence owners.

Terrace Residences

How about a home that’s centrally located but has both its own private garden and a view of the Bosphorus? Each of  Terrace Residences has its own terrace and a magnificent view while allowing you to live right in the heart of the city. A private garden on the ground floor of each unit gives personal access to the emerald-green world that you no longer need to just dream about. Perfectly blending modern architecture with traditional values, Project opens its doors to those who long to experience the neighborhood atmosphere that was once a hallmark of İstanbul.

Tower Residences

All of Project’s upper-story Tower Residences include spacious balconies. With their exquisite views of İstanbul and emerald-green parks, they are conveniently located just a short stroll from some of the world’s most prestigious shops and gourmet restaurants as well as from İstanbul’s biggest center for the performing arts.

The Business World Makes Space for a Fresh Concept

A green office experience in the heart of city…

One of the most exciting parts of the Project, the offices’ with integral green spaces, all located at the center of İstanbul’s busiest commercial district.

Located in the central business district,  is easy to reach on foot and by metro or metrobus. In addition, a combination of private expressway access roads and tunnels will ensure easy access to Project. The Offices at will not only increase your productivity but also make your work life more enjoyable.

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