7HILLS13 Bomonti

7HILLS12 Ataköy
12 February 2018
7HILLS14 Bomonti
12 February 2018


The project is located in a modern and a very popular district located between Sisli and Taksim, within an easy reach to Taksim square due to the Bomonti- Dolmabahce Tunnel. The area has a lack of new building plot in the neighbourhood for new projects, menaing that the prices will be constantly growing. Total construction of the project is 170.000 m2 , with the total number of 59 floors (ground floor, 8 and 48 upper floors, -2 parking floors), with the height of 200m and 235 m above sea level.

The project has a full range of social facilities like fitness and spa centers, tennis and basketball courts, indoor and outdoor pools and etc. Apart from that to the residents service there will be a patisserie, rent a car, hairdresser , pharmacy, supermarket and many more.

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