7HILLS20 Güneşli

7HILLS17 Bağcılar
12 February 2018
7HILLS21 Şişli
12 February 2018

We thought that a living space where everyone could feel good should first interact with its surroundings. So, we examined good examples of urban transformation projects all around the world.

We took the urban transformation projects in Barcelona as the most suitable reference

For Istanbul and we devised a natural solution that interacted with its surroundings.

Thus, those living there would feel good in every way, while there would also be a positive impact on the development of the area and life will continue in a better and more natural form.

All of our works are for a more humane, more natural life that is in better harmony with its surroundings.

With this project, we believe we have achieved this.

We are on the new Maslak line, known as Basın Ekspres. Let’s just say that the future of Istanbul lies on this line. We are close to both Atatürk Airport and the newest 3rd Airport.
You can leave your house and fly away to vacations.
We are situated amongst more than 30 hotels, though you of course should remain in the luxury of your homes.
We are in an area to which 5 congress centers and the Istanbul Medical Faculty will move to. We should let you know, our value is on the rise.
We are neighbors to Aydın, Arel, Kemerburgaz and Kültür Universities, Medipol Hospital and the CNR Congress Center.
It’s not a surprise that they say; get right neighbors rather than the right house.
Wouldn’t it be N’ice if you had a house here.



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