7HILLS24 Bahcesehir

7HILLS22 Beşiktaş Levazım
12 February 2018
7HILLS40 Land Development
27 February 2018

With its classical and modern architecture; parks, gardens, unique cities, history and the center of intersection of great civilization today; and the magnificent streets of this civilization, filled with life-filled, cheerful people, overflowing with flowers, giving life …

During the day, you will be pampered in the cafés while enjoying the fresh air, you will be able to tour the elite shops in the evening and enjoy the flavors in the restaurants. You will enjoy every moment of your life in the beautiful day in Strada.

The European gate of Istanbul is Bahçeşehir. On the one hand, Europe’s largest airport, on the other side, Istanbul is excitedly anticipated new strait Kanal Istanbul. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is the intersection point of western Istanbul and is a modern and big city with thousands added to its population each year. Modern architectural structures, such as large city parks that can not be seen at any point of the city, is an indispensable living space with the ever-developing social opportunities.

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